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Who are we?

Anchor Refinishing of South Florida, Inc are specialty flooring contractors serving all of South Florida. Owned and operated by Dan Harris, a 24 year retired veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard, Dan has been resurfacing garage floors, decks and patios for the past 5 years. After retiring from the Coast Guard, Dan spent 4 years rehabbing houses in South Florida. While reviewing hundreds of properties for potential rehab projects, garage floors, pool decks and patios seemed to be the most neglected areas of these properties. Identifying a need for quality refinishing services, Dan decided to become a specialty flooring contractor, resurfacing garage floors, resurfacing patios, resurfacing pool decks, and more. Providing two types of products from which to choose, (SwissTrax tiles, as well as 2 part garage floor epoxy), Dan can provide you with several solutions to meet your needs. Give Dan a call for a free estimate. Give him a try, you'll be glad you did.

Our Most Popular Colors:

SwissTrax Tiles: With SwissTrax, we have 9 different styles of tiles, with 19 colors from which to choose. With your input, we will design your garage, pool deck, patio, warehouse, gym floor, office, or whatever surface you wish to refinish

2 Part Epoxy Colors: Though we can make just about any base color you desire to refinish your garage floor, our most popular base colors are gray and tan, as these tend to work extremely well with the colored flakes we have available.

The following are are current flake colors:

  • Blue Blend

  • Red Blend

  • Brown Blend

  • Gray Blend

  • Silver Metalic

  • Gold Metalic

  • Black