Our Applications Include:

The Best in Garage Flooring Tiles

Our garage flooring tiles are known for being the premier choice in garage flooring today for many reasons. Your garage can receive a complete transformation in just a few hours depending on the size. Our tiles are manufactured to the highest standards with constant quality control measurements in place.

Deciding on garage flooring tiles is an investment and our tiles provide a durable floor covering that is backed by a 15-year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee. The UV stabilizers in our tiles ensure that your brilliant and colorful floor is fade resistant. With compressive strength of 5,120 psi, our tiles stand up to the test. Our tile design provides equal strength throughout the entire tile - thus eliminating the possibility of weak spots.

Garages are places where we park, store and maintain our vehicles, compatibility to everyday use is a must. Our tiles are non-slip and have excellent resistance to oil, gas and other automotive fluids including Skydrol. Our tiles also demonstrate good resistance to solvents and acids.

Low Maintenance Pool & Patio Flooring

Backyards are a place to relax and to spend time with family and guests. Whether it’s a pool or a patio, our Ribtrax tile is the ideal choice for outdoor and wet areas. The Ribtrax tile is non-slip when wet and its open-profile design allows for water or moisture to drain through to the ground. With outdoor climates varying from extreme cold to hot, our tiles are durable, versatile and can handle adverse weather conditions.

The best part of the Ribtrax tile is its low maintenance attribute. A hose or pressure wash easily cleans up the tile surface, leaving its brilliant color to look beautiful for years.

With over 19 colors to choose from, designing your outdoor flooring is a custom experience from start to finish. Our gallery showcases several designs from customers and our floor designer allows you to submit a design to one of our flooring specialists.

                        Stand Out Event Flooring

For trade-shows and exhibit booths, our interlocking tiles are the ideal choice for many reasons. A portable solution that is easy to assemble, disassemble and conveniently transported from location to location, our interlocking tiles have been the premier choice for exhibitors and event organizers.

   Commercial Flooring Tiles – Strong and Durable

With the strength of our products, we have been a premier choice in commercial flooring tiles. Enduring over 70,000 lbs. of rollover weight, our tiles, especially the Ribtrax tile, has consistently impressed our business customers. Working with companies including Barrett-Jackson Auto Auctions, Mother's Polishes, Ford, Dodge and Shelby Automobiles, our tiles have impressed with their resistance to wear while remaining low-maintenance.

When selecting your commercial flooring tiles, our recommendation for workshops, garages or industrial manufacturers is the Ribtrax open profile tile. The cross-directional design of the tile is aesthetically pleasing while the open profile design keeps small debris from resting on the tile's surface. Always an easy installation, Ribtrax tiles are easy to clean with a mop, hose or pressure wash.

When outfitting office or showroom floors, we recommend any of our tiles to give that standout look. Whether it's an entire room or a specific display area, Swisstrax flooring tiles allow for a custom design that becomes unique to its setting.                         

                         Gyms and Sports

Gymnasiums, basketball courts and recreational facilities have used Swisstrax because our tiles are easy to install with no special tools required. Typical hard surface gym courts can endure wear and tear over time due to high traffic and activity, Swisstrax tiles have a 15 year warranty and ensure that your floor is not only functional, but beautiful for years.

                      Sportrax Tiles for Courts

Our Sportrax tiles have been used worldwide for hockey courts and tennis courts. The durable tile is great for indoor or outdoor use and is available in seven colors, allowing for custom designs that are great for permanent flooring as well as event sport flooring. Sportrax is an open-profile tile that allows for small debris to fall through to the ground and keeping the top surface clear.

        Rubbertrax Tiles for Softer Gym Flooring

For recreation centers, our Rubbertrax recycled flooring tile creates the perfect floor for intense workouts. Made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials, Rubbertrax tiles are LEED Certified. Rubbertrax tiles give a slightly softer feel as the recycled rubber has more flexibility while remaining durable for high traffic and high impact activities.

Epoxy Refinishing

Our epoxy refinishing product (from Benjamin Moore) is a water-based, catalyzed epoxy that delivers superior chemical, abrasion, and impact resistance in a durable, semi-gloss coating. It can be used on garage floors, warehouse floors, and other concrete surfaces. Our epoxy is cross-linked for outstanding hardness and chemical resistance.

     Waterborne 2-part epoxy
    Durable semi-gloss finish
    Will not lift existing coatings
    Resists hot tire pick-up from cars
    Recoat in 24 hours; park vehicles in 3 days

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